Circular Economy

Circular Economy
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About the book: Proceedings of the Symposium In early summer 2021, the symposium "Circular... more
Product information "Circular Economy"

    About the book:

    Proceedings of the Symposium
    In early summer 2021, the symposium "Circular Economy" took place in virtual format with 30 experts from science (TUM and external, international) and business. The proceedings of the symposium are outlined on page 25 of the book and briefly explained on page 26.

    At the symposium, four working groups first worked on specific sub-topics on "Circular Economy" in separate sessions each and developed group-specific recommendations for action with explanations.

    At the final symposium on June 11, all participants (+ guests) came together, here the results of the four working groups were presented, discussed and combined into a total of 10 recommendations for action.


    Language of the book
    The book is bilingual in parts.


    International student seminar
    In the winter semester 20/21, an online seminar of the same name "Circular Economy" was held under the direction of Prof. Hamacher (Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems) in preparation for our symposium, in which an international group of students participated.


    Further chapters
    In addition to the results of the symposium, the book briefly introduces the TUM initiative "CirculaTUM" and the Sustainability Campus Straubing (both Chapter IV) as well as our own Senior Excellence Faculty initiative "TUM Forum Sustainability" (Chapter V).


    Patronage/Cooperation Partners
    The symposium was held under the patronage of the Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery, Dr. Florian Herrmann, and in cooperation with TUM-IAS, the Institute for Earth System Preservation, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the Saxon Academy of Sciences.