Book Nil Stabile Terris

Book Nil Stabile Terris
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Nile Stable Terris - Nothing on earth is stable. Inscription in the fresco cycle of the... more
Product information "Book Nil Stabile Terris"

    Nile Stable Terris - Nothing on earth is stable.
    Inscription in the fresco cycle of the so-called "Papstzimmers" in the TUM Academy Center Raitenhaslach.

    For a long time, the late Baroque frescoes decorating the prelature building of the former Raitenhaslach monastery were hidden. Freshly restored, they have only recently become accessible to the general public with the establishment of the Academy Center Raitenhaslach of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The Raitenhaslacher Cistercian monks commissioned in the middle of the 18th century, this representative equipment of their guest house and the adjoining Festsaaltrakts to manifest the significant socio-political and economic position of the Convention visibly. With the secularization of 1803, barely two-thirds of the baroque building in Raitenhaslach was demolished - with their cleverly thought-out picture programs disappeared with them. As a witness of the former artistic design of the entire monastery, only the imposing prelate's floor, including the apartment and the ballroom, was preserved next to the monastery church. Only one art historical expert audience and a few others, the importance of the frescoes of the prelate was known. This volume opens up a compact view of the Baroque world of images and its historical context of creation. He wants to open the eyes of the guests of the TUM Academy Raitenhaslach and all those interested in the reserved beauty of this place.

    ISBN: 9783958840171

    Format: 15.0 x 20.5 cm

    Number of pages: 96

    Flap brochure with numerous colored illustrations