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Bauten + Kunst
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With "Bauten + Kunst", a comprehensive and richly illustrated overview of the building history... more
Product information "Bauten + Kunst"

    With "Bauten + Kunst", a comprehensive and richly illustrated overview of the building history of the Technische Universität München is available for the first time. After a presentation of the structural development of the individual locations, the buildings for teaching and research are presented on the basis of selected examples, including reactor buildings, a brewery and a clinic. More than 200 works by renowned artists are among these buildings, many of which were created by professors of the Munich Faculty of Architecture. Numerous new photographs and drawings unfold an impressive panorama of a lively history of building and science that, for the first time, also focuses on the art of the university. The publication by the President of the TUM, Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, and edited by Irene Meissner of the Museum of Architecture with essays by professors and scientific staff of the TUM as well as several experts is a handbook and compendium for anyone who is interested in the TUM or connected with her.
    Contributed by: Harald Amon, Rainer Barthel, Ernst Baumann, Hannelore Deubzer, Tina Haase, Andreas Hild, Stefan Kaufmann, Christian Kayser, Miriam Knechtel, Clemens Knobling, Andreas Kronthaler, Gerhard Lehrberger, Irene Meissner, Mark Michaeli, Heidelinde Möschl, Elke Nagel, Frank Petzold, Peter Pfab, Werner Schaefer
    Irene Meissner (Editor)
    Buildings + Art - Technische Universität München 1868-2018
    Publisher: Wolfgang A. Herrmann
    Hardcover linen, in a slipcase
    Folder with art tours and construction schedule
    950 pictures
    Format: 21.0 x 26.0 cm
    Scope: 600 pages
    ISBN: 978-3-95884-005-8

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