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Bream is the fastest and easiest way to brew your own beer. Since the experience of brewing is... more
Product information ""Braufässchen""

    Bream is the fastest and easiest way to brew your own beer. Since the experience of brewing is in the foreground, the bream is an extraordinary gift idea. Especially on birthdays, Christmas or Father's Day many women are often at a loss what to give to their husband, partner, brother or father - why not surprise him with a delicious beer to brew yourself? Because the beautiful 5L beer barrel of the brewpish is a real eye-catcher at any party or under the Christmas tree. But also for everyone - man or woman - who has always wanted to try his hand as a home brewer, the bream cupboard offers the perfect start into amateur brewing.
    What makes our bream so unique?
    • The fastest and easiest way to brew your own beer at home
    • After only one week, the home-brewed beer can be tapped fresh from the barrel
    • All ingredients are well weighed and contain all necessary equipment
    • In just 10 minutes, the beer is ready for fermentation
    • A unique brewing experience for everyone

    Each Braufäs Heimbrauset contains:
    • 1 bottle of liquid malt extract 650 g
    • 1 bag of yeast
    • 1 bottle of hop flavor 9 ml
    • 1 compressed air valve
    • 1 five liter drum as fermentation tank (empty)
    • 3 coasters
    • 1 manual

    How to use the bream?
    With our high-quality beer shower set, the customer receives a 5-liter party keg with all the necessary ingredients (yeast, hops, malt). The ingredients are simply added to the supplied barrel at home along with tap water. There are no further equipment necessary. After setting the beer in the barrel (about 10-15 minutes), the keg must ferment for 5 days at room temperature and then ripen for a further 2 days in the refrigerator. After only one week, the home-brewed beer can be tapped directly from the barrel.

    Information about the type of beer

    Helles: As true Munich residents, we know how really good beer tastes. With this concentrated power of knowledge, we have developed our light and of course extensively tested it. The Bavarian classic to brew yourself. In terms of taste, the Helle is characterized by its drinkability and a balanced ratio of hops and malt. The subtle bitter note and the palatable taste differentiate the full beer from the Pils, which is more hopped. The original wort of the beer is 11-14% and the alcohol content is around 4.5-5.5%. If the lager contains more alcohol it is usually referred to as export. In contrast to other beer styles, this one is filtered and not enjoyed naturally cloudy.

    Pils: A light golden color, the austere taste and the high drinkability make this beer the most popular beer of the Germans. The Pils is a hops-flavored, bottom-fermented beer, which stands out for its pleasantly bitter note. The Pils, as the name suggests, comes from the brewing style of Bohemian Pilsen. Characteristic of beer, which bears the title Pilsener, is the flowery with a dry finish. Due to the contained bitterness the appetite is stimulated, therefore it is often drunk as an aperitif.

    Weißbier: The Weißbier is of course also ideally suited for a hearty Weißwurst breakfast! The wheat beer is naturally cloudy, has a full golden color and a light body. Its refreshing, fine-bitter taste has a light fruitiness and a hint of clove. The wheat beer is the up-and-coming beer of the last decades in Germany. It stands for joie de vivre and pleasure at the same time. The wheat beer has at least 50% wheat malt compared to other beers.

    Festbier: Brewed according to a historical recipe, refined with fine hops and roasted oak - the Braufäs beer. For our beer we use a special malt, which was malted according to an old recipe. The hard beer has a higher original wort content and thereby reaches 5.5 - 6.0% alcohol. To round off the character of the beer, roasted oak chips are added, which makes it taste like aged in oak barrels. The special malt results in a slightly darker color than our Pils. The malt goes through a special roasting process, which causes the development of the aromas and the coloring, this is rounded off by particularly mild hop varieties.

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